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Roadmap to Success: 5 Steps to Putting Action into your Affirmative Action Program

This RoadMap provides the 5 steps for developing an affirmative action program, practical guidance toward execution of your program and the responsibilities and requirements of affirmative action compliance.

Roadmap to Success: Briefing Managers about Affirmative Action Results

This RoadMap provides Human Resource professionals with guidance on how to communicate the results of their affirmative action program to management and explains placement rate goals for underutilized job groups.

Special Roadmap to Success - 2 Book Package Offer:

Roadmap to Success: 5 Steps to Putting Action into your Affirmative Action

Roadmap to Success: Briefing Managers about Affirmative Action Results


Managing people is the most challenging part of any leader's job. And that job's not getting any easier as the human resources profession grows more dynamic and constantly changes. The Big Book of HR provides any business owner, manager, or HR professional with the most current information to get the most from their talent--from strategic HR-related issues to the smallest tactical detail of managing people.
Each topic covered includes information on associated legal issuesand stories from leading organizations to illustrate the positive impact human resources can have on organizations of any size. Each chapter ends with discussion questions to encourage additional thought. Sample forms and templates plus a list of additional resources are also included.

The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook

Today's workplaces are dynamic, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that tension can develop quickly and ruinously. The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook is the ideal resource for anyone ready to confront conflict at work rather than run from it. Managed correctly, conflict can be a positive source for innovation and creativity.

Using examples drawn from a wide range of corporate and entrepreneurial experiences, along with checklists and other practical tools, The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook will the reader understand why conflict occurs and how to identify it; how to create options to solve conflict; what happens when disruptive behavior gets out of control, and more.

This book provides readers the confidence to communicate positively and effectively, along with a clear understanding of your individual responsibility in conflict, no matter your title or role.

The Conflict Resolution Phrase Book

No one wants to go into a tenuous situation blind and fumbling for words. Rather than shy away from a difficult situation or conversation, The Conflict Resolution Phrase Book, is the ideal resource to help anyone prepare for in these situations.

Having the right words on hand empowers you to stand up to conflict rather than run from it. The more you practice confronting and even embracing conflict, the stronger that habit will become and the less likely you will feel like fleeing from a difficult situation.

The Conflict Resolution Phrase Book is a great resource that everyone should have at their fingertips to approach any difficult situation with confidence that the words will come out right. It’s a natural complement to The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook.

The Manager's Answer Book

Congratulations, you’re a manager.  Whether you're a new or seasoned manager, your responsibilities can become overwhelming at times. There are days and new situations that will leave you feeling vulnerable. You don't know where to start or even what to ask!
The Manager's Answer Book can help. In question-and-answer format, this easy-to-use guide provides information on many aspects of managing. You will learn about:
  • Getting started: setting goals, managing projects, resources, and much more;
  • Developing your management skills;
  • Building and managing your team;
  • Creating your personal brand;
  • Managing up, down, and around the organization;
  • Potential land mines such as conflict, change, and risk; and
  • Legal pitfalls.

The Manager's Answer Book will help any manager stay informed and avoid unknowingly tripping over a new situation. It's a natural complement to the authors' previous best-seller, The Big Book of HR.

When Pay Plans Go Wrong: Managing Compliance Issues Before the Audit

This book tackles a difficult subject and not only makes it understandable but also useful and actionable to compensation and HR generalists alike. Author Jude Sotherlund discusses many methodologies used to audit base pay and make recommendations as to how to do so properly. She explains the systematic approach to conducting an internal audit, devotes a chapter to broadbanding and takes a look at model employers and best compensation practices.

Leading with Your Heart

Leading with Your Heart explores inspired leadership across an organization and the use of a positive moral compass to drive a new way of thinking and integrating our nation's rich diversity. Cari Dominguez and Judith Sotherlund use the term "ganas" (gah-nas) to capture this concept. Ganas speaks to one's inner desire to succeed. Motivation drives performance. Inspired motivation drives individuals to connect their day-to-day practices with their guiding beliefs, and to do the right things in the face of obstacles. Leading with Your Heart presents anecdotes of inspired inclusion in the workplace, not necessarily to establish best practices models for replication, but to affirm the lasting values of integrity and fairness that result from leading with the heart.
HR professionals will find Leading with Your Heart instrumental in bridging the gap between the idealized expectations of the C-suite and the pressing realities of needing to get the job done at the line manager and local levels.

Performance Management
A Collection of Articles from WorldatWork

While employers may be experiencing fewer attraction and retention troubles due to the most recent economic crisis, there is a strong business case for integrating rewards and talent management programs. Organizations that apply an integrated approach in this area and across all stages of the employment life cycle have an advantage in attracting, engaging and retaining the talent they need to succeed in their markets — and financially outperform their peers.
And while almost any form of performance management can succeed (or fail), the key to success is how well the program is implemented and executed. In this collection of articles from WorldatWork, thought leaders provide ideas and concepts on how to create performance management programs that work. An effective performance management program is HR’s "best opportunity to influence positive business results, and for that reason should be a priority for the entire human resources team."