Affirmative Action Implementation Guide

The Implementation Guide provides a convenient basis for meeting the internal audit and reporting requirement and provides direction in effectively targeting affirmative action efforts. The Guide includes:

Detail Analysis

Company-wide and by-plan detail analysis and Protected Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities Benchmark analysis are included in each Implementation Guide.

Bonus reports are included for a more in-depth look at organizational activity to achieve and maintain affirmative action compliance.

Summary Analysis

Personnel activity and comprehensive plan summaries provide a company-wide overview for management decisions regarding compliance, including data issues.

Plan Compliance Elements

This section assists your organization in outreach/recruitment efforts, audit and reporting systems, reasonable accommodations, and training for job applicants and/or employees.  Tools to identify your organization's action-oriented programs to attract qualified, protected class members and utilization graphs depicting representation are also included.

General Resource Information

AA/EEO Definitions