Scheduled Internal Reporting

Scheduled Internal Reporting (SIR) is an interim reporting process that measures the effectiveness of an affirmative action program as required in the regulations.  Internal reporting on a scheduled basis is used to determine the degree to which equal employment opportunity and organizational objectives are attained.

Reporting includes:

  • Scheduled internal reporting comparisons
  • Utilization analysis
  • Analysis of Affirmative Action Progress (Goals Accomplishments)
  • Impact Ratio Analysis

The reports provide the HR Professional and in-line managers with an easy to read evaluation of the Company's affirmative action efforts so that mid-course changes can be made.

Customized Reporting


Ongoing reporting and management is the key to a successful Affirmative Action Program. THOMAS HOUSTON can customize any existing report design or develop new reports to suit your company's EEO/Affirmative Action needs.